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Record of the week: Wedding Present: Make me smile 10″

Back in the late ‘80s I knew this moron called Lee, who used to proclaim that Stock, Aitken & Waterman were the greatest thing to happen to music ever and that everybody else was crap – he even used to slag The Beatles off because they “weren’t in the charts anymore”…

Naturally, my big ole musical brain used to throb with anger at such stupidity – especially  after he confessed that his SAW obsession was NOT as a result of post  Minogue masturbation guilt, and I used to take pleasure in arguing the toss over his terrible musical taste. Amongst a million other bands at the time,  I loved me some  Wedding Present (still do, actually) and they had just released their ‘Brassneck’ single – so I used to hold that up to him as an example of everything that was pure and true about great music. Given his dedication to proving me wrong he actually went to the local Our Price and asked them to play him said 7” along with a few other Weddoes tracks. 

The next day he made a special effort to find me and  told me that Mr Gedge & Co were the absolute worst band he’d ever heard and that ‘all the songs sound the same’. 

I’d like to think it was Lee the twat who the band was quoting on the front of  THIS RECORD but I suspect it probably wasn’t. Unfortunately there are a lot of Lees in the World, and they are all WRONG. 

30 years later Mr Gedge is still slogging away and Stock Aitken & Waterman? Whatever happened to them eh?

P.S If for some reason you have a problem with a not-quite-big-enough 10″ then i’m happy to push your eyes towards the 12″ version that has a full 2 more inches but a much shitter sleeve.