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Cassette(s) of the Week: 6 fantastic Colin Potter tapes

Apparently, according to various newspaper articles and hipster blogs, the cassette is on the way back – just like in all those boring blogs about vinyl that have been buzzing around for the last few years. 

Now, just like vinyl, we all know that cassettes never really went away – they have been consigned to a dusty attic but people didn’t get rid of them in the way that they did with vinyl – mainly because most of them were worth bugger all.



Colin Potter released all these splendid lumps of Krauty electronica back in the early ’80s but they were reissued for Cassette Store Day(!) in 2014 in a limited edition of 60. When these flew out the doors in a matter of seconds another 60 of each were produced with different coloured inlays/tape labels, and this is the full collection here. The individual titles are ‘The Scythe’, ‘A Gain’, ‘Two Nights‘, ‘The Where House‘, ‘Here‘ & ‘The Ghost Office‘ and all come massively highly recommended by me.


There was a thriving DIY tape culture for this type of thing in the early ’80s and the importance of the humble cassette in the post punk era cannot be overstated – the simple process of recording and copying the tape meant a huge amount of bedroom musicians found their music getting exposure all over the World.

This is, of course, much easier to do nowadays with the internet, file sharing and the ease of the  CDr but this is where it all started – so jump on board and get yerself a bit of musical history……or just grab yerself some fucking great music.